What We Do

We help patients while they are under a physician’s care for the treatment of chemotherapy or radiation by providing services at no cost.

Therapies Provided

Therapeutic massage
Two mindfulness therapies
Guided/visual imagery

Additional services provided

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Community outreach

Cancer is not a disease that is easily dealt with, treated, or even understood. While treatments can vary for every diagnosis, they often include chemotherapy and radiation, both of which are downright uncomfortable, usually with very painful side effects. Increasingly, complementary healing therapies are gaining acceptance as proven methods for helping patients find comfort and some peace of mind during chemotherapy and radiation treatments


I’ve been enjoying my massage. I go regularly every 3 weeks. I think I am addicted to it now because when I feel pain my massage treatment makes the pain totally go away! My massage therapist is really nice too. She gives me fresh organic veggies from her garden whenever I see her. Thank you for making this possible for me! It makes a huge difference and I always look forward to it. Regards and thanks to everyone at the foundation especially to Sandra!

Desiree M.
Age 46
Breast CancerSan Ramon, CA

“Your services were so very welcomed at a time when I was most down and dismayed. It was something for “me” with no strings attached and to just enjoy. Thank you Sandra Wing.”

Faye J.
Age 75
Lung Cancer

“Thank you so much. You were there for me even when I felt alone and was not even aware of my own needs. You understood them before I did.”

Josephine M.
Age 62
Breast Cancer

“I have had the opportunity to use a guided imagery therapy but did not use the grant to pay for the therapy. I did find that to be extremely useful as well. These grants have been and enormous blessing and I’m very, very grateful.”

Liz T.
Age 54
Rectal Cancer

“Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. The massages that I received helped me to relax and find some peace.”

Norma M.
Age 60

“As I walked into my guided imagery session I was overwhelmed with emotion. It was so peaceful and my life was in chaos. It was as if all the emotions churning inside were allowed to come out and be healed. It is a gift! A small time of solitude and healing ~ a chance to remind your mind & body that they are an integral part of the healing process. Thank you! ~”

Janel S.
Age 44
Breast Cancer

“I would like to thank you for all the support and services. It was such a blessing to experience therapeutic massage especially during those times after chemotherapy when my body ached. It helped to ease the pain not only physically, but also emotionally. You are number 1 on my list to be thankful for. May God bless the Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation abundantly.”

Cynthia N.
50 Years Old
San Ramon, CA

“It with my most sincere appreciation and gratitude that I write to thank you for the generous grant of healing therapies. I truly believe the therapies have supported my recovery and wellness. “

With a full heart,
Mary Ellen H.
Dublin, CA

“Thank you so much for your gift of healing therapies during my time of need. Words cannot express the comfort, peace and relaxation they provided to me.”

JoAnn S.
51 years old
Pleasanton, CA

“Thank you so much for the special gift your Foundation gave to my husband. It truly helped. We both are grateful for your help. The past year and a half was challenging and rewarding. You do a beautiful thing helping so many people. You have a good group of people working with you.”

God Bless,
Gail A.
Husband 67 years old
Pleasanton, CA

“Thank you so much for the $500 grant. I am grateful to have been able to receive this. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity.”

Cathy G.
49 years old
Pleasanton, CA

“I am still recovery from the peripheral neuropathy the Chemo has left me with. I had several acupuncture sessions which helped and I used some of your grant for those treatments. I realized during chemotherapy that it was taking my ability to deep breathe, so I had to start to retrain my breathing. I have done some healing sessions for that. My most abundant thanks for the wonderful grant you have given me. I am so thankful to your Foundation for your gift and the work you do for those who get this terrible disease.”

Victoria B.
67 Years Old
Pleasanton, CA

“I want to say thank you and tell you how I have benefitted from healing therapies. I decided to try acupuncture. My cancer decreased significantly. Your grant, I believe allowed me to get treatment I could not have afforded otherwise. I believe my doctor will be pleasantly surprised next week when I see him.”

Thank you again,
Judy S.
58 years old
Livermore, CA

“I am extremely grateful to all of you at the Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation for providing me with the generous grant. In April, I was diagnosed with an aggressive uterine cancer. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for my disease at the moment. The providers of therapies have kept me comfortable and taught me ways to walk on this spiritual journey. I have spent many hours on the guided imagery and deep breathing meditation therapies. I always look forward to those appointments. I use the creative visualization practice daily as well as use the breath for healing. I also used the funds for therapeutic massage. The therapist lovingly works my body towards healing and relaxation. “

Carrie M.
56 Years Old
Danville, CA

“Thank you for responding so quickly. What your organization does to help others is far reaching and very much appreciated by many, and I am grateful to be included in this group.”

Julie T.
53 Years Old
Livermore, CA

“I am going through hard times these days emotionally and physically. I am still in treatment and it seems it will never end. My life has been upside down since my diagnosis. It has been hard on my family to adjust to this new life with the scare of losing them. Life has turned 360 degrees and we are trying so hard to keep it together. The only thing that keeps me going is the wonderful service you are providing. I do not know how else I could have relieved my body from stress without your healing therapy donation towards people like me.”

Suzanne A.
48 Years Old
Pleasanton, CA

“During my fight with cancer, I sought integrative and complementary therapies through the Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation. The immediate effect for me was a reduction in my feeling of anxiousness. I was able to relax and experience a calming quietness.”

Andy H.
54 Years Old
Pleasanton, CA

“I had my 4th chemo injection last week. But this time I tried to combine prescribed medication and therapeutic massage at the same time during the onset of side effects. I felt more relaxed mentally and physically and I also felt I recovered sooner than the prior chemos. Thank you for granting me the funds to access extra services which alleviate the discomfort from chemo. Your Foundation is a meaningful one. I am grateful for any help in this stage of my life.”

Joan C.
44 Years Old
Danville, CA

“I am so grateful for your grant money and the therapies it provided. It helped me during my chemotherapy as well as radiation…it made a difficult journey more pleasant. Thank you and your volunteers for all you do to provide strength, courage, and comfort to grant recipients such as myself.”

Marg G.
65 Years Old
San Ramon, CA

“Thank you for everything you and your Foundation have done for me. The guided imagery, massage, and acupuncture helped during such a stressful time.”

Kelly C.
46 Years Old
Livermore, CA

“Thank you so much for the grant to enable me to receive acupressure during my radiation treatment. It definitely improved my quality of life. I was actually surprised how well the acupressure worked. I will be forever grateful.”

Sue B.
57 Years Old
San Ramon, CA

“The massages helped with frozen shoulder mobility. My therapist worked on the trigger points which gave significant pain relief. I have been off work … and would not have considered this on my own. I am grateful to the Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation for this service.”

CeCe L.
46 Years Old
Pleasanton, CA

“I was having problems with neuropathy and other problems from the chemotherapy. Acupuncture helped the pain greatly. I will be on chemo for the remainder of my life. I am very grateful for the grant I received and the cards of support sent to me by the Foundation. Knowing people care is extremely helpful to maintaining a positive attitude.”

Julie R.
70 Years Old
Livermore, CA

“I look forward to my acupuncture, guided imagery and deep breathing sessions. Having East meet Western medicine takes care of the entire patient, not just the clinical side of the spectrum. I cannot find the words to let you know how much I appreciate the Foundation.”

Victoria D.
67 Years Old
Pleasanton, CA

“I had severe neuropathy in my feet and a tremendous loss of muscle making me too weak to do much. Thanks to your generosity, I have been doing regular massage therapy. In the last month alone I am not only able to better handle the stress and anxiety of my long term illness, but my flexibility increased to the point where I am now able to do the exercise necessary to recover some of the muscle lost over my hospitalization. I was amazed that, in addition to the grant, your volunteers followed up with me as well, to make sure I was getting the most from my treatments. I am truly humbled. I want you to know how grateful I am for the support of the Foundation. This is a long fight but, with your help, I will win.”

Chuck B.
64 Years Old
Dublin, CA

“I am so grateful to you and your colleagues for the help you are providing me at this critical juncture of my life. I did expect my family and friends to support me through these tough times, however receiving help from people who do not even know me is amazing and extremely heartwarming. I admire you for your truly human spirits.”

Kambiz F.
59 years old
Danville, CA

“Thank you so much for your generous $500.00 grant. I have been using it for massage therapies. I can’t tell you how much helpful the massages have been. Your grant and support is such a blessing.”

Georgia D.
37 years old
Dublin, CA