Sandra Wing knows first-hand just how helpful healing therapies are during chemotherapy treatments. Diagnosed with aggressive forms of both uterine and ovarian cancers at the age of 47, Sandra’s only course of treatment was a full hysterectomy and intensive chemotherapy. Healing therapies proved to be her saving grace.

During her treatment, Sandra discovered that when she was at her sickest and weakest level, she could better tolerate her pain, stress and worries with the help of healing therapies – acupuncture, acupressure, deep breathing meditation, therapeutic massage and visualization techniques. These therapies all provided physical and mental relief during her battle against cancer. They helped calm her nerves, reduce her pain and alleviate her anxiety, while at the same time improving her overall well-being.

Not an alternative, but a complement to her medical treatment, these five healing therapies became an integral part of her recovery process.

Once her health was restored, Sandra was inspired to start the foundation to share healing therapies, most of which are not covered by insurance, with other cancer patients undergoing treatments. It is now her life’s work to help relieve the suffering of other cancer patients through the same healing therapies that she relied on during her cancer treatment.

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