Suggestions on how to find a local Complementary Healing Therapies (CAM) Practitioner:

  • Ask your physician for referrals
  • Ask those you trust – family and friends – for referrals
  • Most yellow pages include listings of complementary health practitioners, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and meditation instructors
  • Call your local health club for classes or referral
  • Call your local community college for classes or referrals
  • Contact a nearby hospital or a medical school and ask if they maintain a list of area CAM practitioners or could make a recommendation. Some regional medical centers may have CAM centers or CAM practitioners on staff
  • Contact a professional organization for the type of practitioner you are seeking
  • Many states have regulatory agencies or licensing boards for certain types of practitioners. They may be able to provide information regarding practitioners in your area
  • A Google search online can also be a great place to start!