What Your Gift Can Do

Your gift can make a substantial and direct impact on someone living with cancer in your neighborhood - in the Tri-Valley area. Your gift does not go to research and development. It does not go to finding a cure. Your gift provides pain relief to someone suffering with cancer - TODAY.

What can your gift do?

A gift of $50 can give a person with cancer a healing massage, an acupuncture session, or a visual imagery session. Just one session can reduce vomiting and nausea.

A gift of $100 can give a person with cancer two sessions of acupuncture, two therapeutic massages, or two meditation and deep breathing appointments. These sessions can provide immediate calmness and reduce anxiety.

A gift of $300 could provide an entire series of healing therapies and cover 6 healing treatments. A series of therapy can reduce pain and eliminate the fatigue a person with cancer experiences with chemo and radiation.

A gift of $3000 to $5000 could provide healing therapies needed to calm and comfort the person with cancer through chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment for several months. These techniques help cancer patients reduce psychological and physical symptoms. These techniques can help calm the cancer patient though the trauma of a cancer diagnosis and the treatment period. Your gift allows you to make a direct and immediate difference in someone's life TODAY. Every gift matters.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation is supported entirely by generous donations from people like you. Whether you use our "Donate Now" button below, make a memorial/honorarium donation, give a personal contribution to our fund campaign, attend a fundraising event, or designate the Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation in a bequest, you can help sustain the healing treatments, programs, support and hope for people living with cancer in your community.

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