844 awarded grants as of April 2016

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This six (6) minute video explains who we are and what we do. From Patients, Doctors, Providers ‘ perspective.

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Healing Therapies


Acupuncture, an Eastern technique that can complement Western medicine and treatment plans for people with cancer.

Acupressure and Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage can ease stress and induce relaxation.

Deep Breathing Meditation

Deep breathing mediation, as well as, guided imagery/visualization, focuses on stress reduction and relaxation.

Guided/Visual Imagery

We have attached a 2 minute guided/visual imagery mp3 file entitled: "Break Time" (to be used at any time you just simply need to "take a break")!


Sandra's Story

At the age of 47, I was diagnosed with 2 cancers: uterine and ovarian. I underwent a full hysterectomy and chemotherapy treatments. The treatment period was accompanied with many of the difficulties, pain, stresses, and worries, which most - if not all - cancer patients endure.

I was surprised how my body reacted to each chemo session. I felt defeated and immobile, unable to perform the simplest of tasks. My body felt battered and beaten and achy throughout.


What our beneficiaries have to say!

Thank you so much. You were there for me even when I felt alone and was not even aware of my own needs. You understood them before I did.

Josephine M.

Pleasanton, CA

I have had the opportunity to use a guided imagery therapy but did not use the grant to pay for the therapy. I did find that to be extremely useful as well. These grants have been and enormous blessing and I'm very, very grateful.

Liz T.

Pleasanton, CA

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